Women’s investments within the UAE real estate sector have soared.

  • February 13, 2024

With a staggering $25 billion recorded in 2023 alone, the increase from the previous year stands at an impressive 53.9 percent, indicating a notable shift in the market dynamics towards female investors.

At MILK Real Estate, we’ve noted a discernible uptick in the interest among female investors venturing into the market. Savvy women increasingly acknowledge the lucrative prospects for both financial advancement and personal empowerment within this arena.

Among the leading contributors to this trend are Emirati, South Asian, and Far East Asian investors, as revealed by an analysis conducted by Hedge & Sachs, a prominent Dubai-based real estate fund management firm.

The rise of female investors not only reflects their empowerment but also highlights their growing financial expertise, reshaping the landscape of the real estate market. Improved financial literacy, greater access to capital, and governmental initiatives aimed at empowering women are identified as the driving forces behind this surge.

According to projections from Hedge & Sachs, women investors are anticipated to contribute around 22 percent of total real estate investments in Dubai during the first quarter of 2024, amounting to at least $3.27 billion (AED12 billion).

The substantial rise in female investors signifies more than just statistical trends; it reflects a narrative of empowerment, financial acumen, and a shifting real estate landscape, as stated by Abhishek Jha, Chief Administrative Officer and Board Member of Hedge & Sachs.

Millennials, with boosted financial literacy and investment exposure, lead among female investors, as rising female employment, improved financial literacy, and enhanced capital access drive women’s real estate engagement.

This upward trend in female investors is supported by changing social attitudes, emphasizing the acceptance of female financial independence and decision-making. The attractiveness of the UAE real estate market, characterized by a stable economy, robust regulations, high rental yields, and tax benefits, has drawn investors from diverse backgrounds, including women.

Government initiatives aimed at fostering an inclusive business environment and supporting female entrepreneurs and investors further contribute to this diversification in the country’s property sector.

The analysis by Hedge & Sachs also reveals a sustained trend of increasing female investors in the UAE’s real estate sector, with a significant jump from 26,698 in 2022 to 38,059 in 2023 alone, marking a 42.5 percent increase.

In essence, the real estate landscape in Dubai, and indeed across the UAE, is undergoing a transformative shift led by female investors, not only in terms of their growing numbers but also their substantial impact on market growth and dynamics.

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