Empowering Women on Boards: Advancing ESG Accountability in Real Estate

  • March 9, 2024

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, we acknowledge progress and the ongoing journey towards gender equality in corporate governance, particularly within real estate.

Research consistently emphasises the transformative impact of gender diversity on corporate performance. Firms with diverse boards often outperform competitors in profitability, enjoying superior financial returns and stability.

However, the real estate industry, especially in the Middle East, lags in gender parity, with women occupying only 13 percent of board seats. This disparity undermines companies’ ability to address complex ESG challenges effectively.

Gender diversity on boards is crucial for sustainable business success, enriching decision-making and fostering innovation. Nurturing an inclusive corporate culture empowers women leaders, unlocking growth opportunities.

Hawkamah advocates for proactive measures to promote gender diversity and enhance ESG accountability. This includes prioritising diversity and inclusion, transparent recruitment, and leadership development opportunities.

Investors and stakeholders drive change by prioritizing gender diversity in investment decisions. Firms with diverse boards are better equipped to navigate ESG risks, making them more attractive investment prospects.

Policymakers must enact legislation promoting gender equality in corporate leadership. Mandating transparency accelerates progress towards gender parity and ESG accountability.

As part of the MILK Real Estate community, let’s reaffirm dedication to advancing gender equality. Leveraging women leaders’ talents constructs resilient, inclusive, and sustainable organizations, fostering positive change.