The Founders

Joanna Swain

CEO & Founder

Saloni Mehta

MD & Founder

Founded on the principles of elegance, exclusivity, and expertise, Milk Real Estate was created not only from our 20-year passion for real estate but from a deeper desire to create a brand that transcends the mere act of doing business. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Each member of our team is a connoisseur of luxury, dedicated to curating unparalleled real estate experiences for you.


Our ambition extends to constructing a trustworthy name in the industry, one that people can rely on, whether they are part of our team or investing in property through us. By launching Milk Real Estate, we are dedicated to offering meaningful opportunities to those deserving, aiming to be more than a beacon of bespoke property services in Dubai. We endeavor to build a legacy of reliability and impact, ensuring that every interaction with Milk Real Estate is synonymous with trust, whether one is working with us or finding your dream home.